Frenchie Love

Emily, like me, grew up with animals all around and is a huge dog lover. She mentioned to me a few months back that they were thinking of adding a puppy to their family, and sure enough, they did. Millie is an adorable lilac French Bulldog. She was happy to cover me in kisses when I arrived for their session. Face, ears, hands, she's full of love. After a few moments of get-to-know-you time, we were scouting the house for a few areas to photograph. Millie was a willing, but slightly wiggly subject. Perfectly expected for a puppy.

Much like human babies, it feels necessary to document the life stages of those close to us. And for lots of us, that includes our pets. Millie will still likely double in size, so Emily will have these photos to remember a time when she was so small and spunky. No matter the life stage, I adore capturing the bond between people and their pets.