NICU Strong

River made his entrance into the world a few weeks earlier than anticipated and spent the first weeks of his life getting stronger in the NICU and eventually at home with added oxygen. His momma, Victoria, did a great job adjusting to the curve ball that came with River's early birth. I'm always astonished at the strength and speed that moms in this position adjust, learn, and grow with their newborns. River is now free from his O2 needs and is growing bigger everyday. It was a joy to finally meet him and document this stage of his life.

Shooting this session in the studio allowed us the peace, quiet, and space to move around freely. The window light in this particular studio is so lovely. River was a hungry guy during this session, so we documented a feeding. I always give my clients with breast feeding babies the option to document these moments or not. Some choose to highlight this element of motherhood, while others do not. Both are fine with me.

The studio we used for this session was beautifully decorated with a boho floral design. It added great texture and personality to the blank space that I use regularly. Studios in the area often switch up their decor a styling depending on the season. Feel free to reach out for an update on what studio options are available at any given time.

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