Golden Leaves All Around

For the second year in a row, I had the pleasure of photographing the Brault family. With the fall leaves in peak condition, it was a perfectly timed, sunny session that highlighted all the golden colors. With all my family sessions I do my best to capture a mix of smiling, posed shots and lifestyle moments that feel more candid. Having a kiddo in the mix, always makes those candid moments a little more unexpected, but also fun. Ellie was in a great mood and spent the session dashing from spot to spot with sequin cat ears. She's a textbook free spirit and beams of happiness.

We spent most of the session carrying around a leaf that had the perfect heart-shaped hole that a caterpillar had created. It was an amazing find until it got misplaced in the last few minutes. Although Emily couldn't take it home to frame as she'd wanted, it was captured in a few fun shots you can see below.